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Bible study

This website contains numerous bible study content where you can interact with the Theologians and have a deep insight on various biblical themes to develop Theological insights

Laity and women corner

Laity and women also have the burning desire to know the word of god profoundly.This corner focuses on laity empowerment and women empowerment for a glorious church

Character study

Bible has amazing characters involved in it .Come join us in exploring and learning each and every biblical character in detail

Prayer request

Prayer is such an important element of every Christian’s life. We are ready to pray for you .Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing .


We are ready to listen to you and help you come out of your problems,addictions and every kind of tough situations. we pray we counsel and we offer our help


God made us to be Co-Creators .In bearing all the responsibility let us study different stewardship oriented biblical texts and be as responsible stewards.